“Stop Making Sense” to have its World Premiere at TIFF in a globally connected IMAX Live event

Stop Making Sense. Image credit TIFF 2023

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Toronto/CMEDIA: The 40th anniversary of Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense would be celebrated with a special event screening on Monday, Sep 11, at Cineplex’s Scotiabank IMAX Theatre in Toronto, the Toronto International Film FestivalⓇ (TIFF) has announced. 

A screening of the film followed by a Q&A will be included in the special IMAX Live 40th anniversary event which will be live-streamed from TIFF to select IMAX theatres around the world.

The event would be moderated by filmmaker Spike Lee with all four original band members in attendance: David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, and Jerry Harrison. 

Stop Making Sense will have its World Premiere at TIFF in a globally connected IMAX Live event.

A24’s recently acquired, groundbreaking Talking Heads concert film, Stop Making Sense which has undergone complete 4K restoration, will have a full theatrical run following the special premiere event, releasing exclusively in IMAX on September 22 and in theatres everywhere on September 29.

After having left a deep impression on the world of music and cinema,Stop Making Sense directed by Jonathan Demme and produced by Gary Goetzman (The Silence of the LambsMamma Mia!Band of Brothers) continues to captivate new generations. 

“Some people say you’ll never find a better concert documentary than Stop Making Sense,” said TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey. “I’m one of those people. Talking Heads is at the top of their form. Working with Jonathan Demme, they build their performance scene by scene, song by song into a work of pure, cathartic power. Maybe you’ve seen it before. But you’ve never seen it in IMAX.” 

Audiences would be  transported by this highly anticipated special event into the heart of music history, feel immersed in the electrifying performance of the Talking Heads’ legendary 1984 concert film.