Taliban using school buildings as military outposts in Panjshir, residents of Panjshir complain

Taliban. Image credit: UNI/Xinhua


IBNS: Residents of  Panjshir province in Afghanistan have complained that several school buildings are currently being used by the Taliban as military outposts.

The residents urged the Taliban government to shift them to military bases.

“This is a reality, and it should not be ignored that they are settled in the schools. We are witnessing that the military has settled in the schools, and it affects the morale of the students and people,” Samiullah Sadeqqi, a resident of Panjshir, told Tolo News.

“The military is in a school in Bazarak and thus there is less attention to schooling,” Abid, a resident of Panjshir, told the news portal.

The residents said the presence of the military was also causing panic in the area.

“The military are in the schools and villages. We call on the Islamic Emirate to pull back the military from this area,” Mian Ahmad Elham, a resident of Panjshir, told Tolo News.

“If this issue is followed by the senior leaders who prevent such actions, it will be great,” said Rizwanullah, a resident of Panjshir.

Reacting to the incident, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told Tolo News: ” We shared this issue with the officials in Panjshir to find a substitute path for the military who are settled there to prevent security issues, so that the schools will be evacuated. We also shared this issue with the education ministry.”