Streaming giant Netflix phases out ‘basic’ plan from its subscription options in Canada

Netflix. Image credit: Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Toronto/CMEDIA: The streaming giant Netflix Canada says it is done with being basic and is phasing out the $9.99 “basic” option from its price plans, taking away the cheapest subscription without ads.

That means new Netflix subscribers will have to decide if they would rather sit through commercial breaks tier costing $5.99 or pay $16.49 per month for an ad-free experience.

There’s also the premium plan for $20.99 with 4K high-definition video and the option to add up to two members who don’t live in their household.

The change in subscription options followed months after Netflix used the Canadian market as a testing ground for its password-sharing crackdown.

After already having removed the basic tier for new subscribers, Netflix representative was reported to say this option would also be applied option for current members “in the near future.”

Subscribers currently on its $9.99 basic service will upgrade their plans unless they switch to another option or cancel their account.

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