Russian military plane crashes in Belgorod with 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war

Ukraine. A Russian military plane with 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war crashes. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/ShareAlike 4.0 International

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IBNS-CMEDIA: A Russian  Il-76 military plane crashed with suspected 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war in Belgorod Region of Russia on Wednesday (January 24, 2024), media reports said.

Apart from the prisoners of war, the plane was reportedly carrying six crew and three escorts.

“On January 24 this year an Ilyushin-76 transport plane crashed in the Belgorod Region during a scheduled flight at about 11 a.m. Moscow time (8 a.m. GMT).There were 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were being moved to the Belgorod Region for an exchange, and three escorts on board,” TASS news agency quoted Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

The Aerospace Force has dispatched a panel of inquiry to investigate the incident.