AFN national chief, Archibald calling supporters for reinstatement after her removal last week

RoseAnne Archibald Twitter @ChiefRoseAnne

Ottawa/CMEDIA: RoseAnne Archibald’s supporters are being called on to tell their chiefs and councils for her reinstatement after she was voted out as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations last week.

Archibald also urged supporters in a five minute video posted to Facebook to ensure a forensic audit of the national advocacy organization moved ahead.

“You can call or text or email your chief and council and you can ask for two things. One, that they reinstate me as national chief and two, that they make sure that the forensic audit goes ahead,” she said in the video statement recorded in her car in a B.C. parking lot and added she’s been fighting corruption at the AFN since October 2020.

Following more than a year of turmoil involving her leadership Archibald was voted out with support from about 70 percent of those who took part in the virtual meeting last Wednesday as national chief.

The vote took place during a special chiefs assembly that was convened in part to address the implications of a human resources investigation related to complaints that AFN staff had filed against Archibald.