Romanian court rules controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan to be extradited to UK

Andrew Tate. Romanian court rules social media influencer Andrew Tate can be extradited to UK. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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IBNS-CMEDIA: A Romanian court has ruled that controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, who were detained in Romania over sex offence charges in the UK, can be extradited to Britain.

Andrew Tate, 37, and Tristan, 35, were detained from Bucharest.

The brothers can be extradited only after the conclusion of their separate trial in Romania on human trafficking charges, a judge ruled as quoted by BBC.

Andrew Tate, who is followed by a significant number of followers on social media, and his brother have been released from custody.

Speaking outside court Andrew Tate told BBC: “We are very innocent men and in time everybody is going to see that. We are excited to finish this judicial process and clear our names.”

They have been kept under judicial control in Romania which will prevent them from travelling outside the country.

Before the Romanian court granted extradition, Bedfordshire Police confirmed it had obtained the arrest warrant for two men in their 30s as part of an investigation into allegations of rape and human trafficking.

“We understand this is a distressing subject, and people may be impacted by what they are seeing in the news,” the force said in a statement as quoted by BBC.

Romanian authorities are probing separate allegations against them which include rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang.

The brothers were arrested by Romanian authorities in December 2022 and were placed under house arrest in Voluntari city.

The house arrest was lifted in August last year but they were prevented from leaving the nation.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Tate is an American-British social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer.