Rishi Sunak criticized for picking Indian-origin Suella Braverman as home secretary

Rishi Sunak. Facebook Rishi Sunak

London/IBNS:  British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Wednesday defended the reappointment of Indian-origin Suella Braverman as the Home Secretary saying the latter will be focused to crack down on criminals and defend the country’s borders.

Braveman was forced to resign earlier this month for accidentally emailing classified government documents outside her department.

The news of her reappointment on the official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister drew largely negative comments.

Many questioned how the Conservative Party reappointed a leader who had admitted to a security breach.

Others questioned her take on policies, especially on migration control, which has drawn mixed reactions even within her party.

Amid criticisms, Rishi Sunak said that the home secretary made an error of judgement but she recognised that and accepted her mistake.

Rishi Sunak is the first Indian-origin British politician to take over as the UK’s Prime Minister creating history after his predecessor Liz Truss stepped down.