Quebec Premier François Legault tells CAQ caucus to refocus on party’s ‘five priorities’

Francois Legault. Image credit: Facebook page

Sherbrooke/CMEDIA: Quebec Premier François Legault reportedly said Wednesday that he plans

to focus on five priorities, .education, health, economy, the environment and protecting our identity.

In his first public appearance since Dec. 20, Legault appeared anxious to get on with 2024 after he reportedly admits it was a difficult 2023 for his government.

“I wish you all a good political year,” Legault said in remarks to the 89-member caucus before the media was asked to leave the room. “With — how can I put this? — fewer distractions than in 2023…We’re going back to our five priorities…education, health, economy, the environment and protecting our identity…In 2024…we really want to refocus and be able to concentrate on these five priorities, said Legault. 

Legault also said that despite rumours over the last few weeks, privatization of state-owned Hydro-Québec is out of the question.

In fact, with Quebec’s massive investments in infrastructure, Legault said that the utility is planning over the next 12 years to keep up with power demand and would need more workers, 35,000 in all, 

Addressing members of the Coalition Avenir Québec caucus gathered for two days of pre-session planning meetings,  Legault reported saying that he will not renounce the heritage of René Lévesque.