PIA gets fined after air hostess lands in Canada without passport

PIA. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash


IBNS-CMEDIA: Pakistan International Airline (PIA), the national carrier of the country, was slapped with a hefty fine after an air hostess reached Canada without a passport.

Sources told ARY News that the air hostess was assigned to duty on flight PK-781 from Islamabad to Toronto when the unprecedented incident unfolded.

Avoiding the standard passport requirement, she travelled from Islamabad to Toronto by relying solely on PIA General Declaration documents.

The national carrier imposed the fine following the breach after the flight attendant was allowed to arrive in Canada without the required documents.

In a statement, the PIA spokesperson confirmed that the carrier has been fined $250 for the incident, underscoring the seriousness of the violation. However, it denied reports suggesting that the air hostess intended to seek political asylum upon landing in Canada, reported Ary News.

PIA air hostesses go missing

More than 10 PIA air hostesses went missing in Canada in the past two years.

Earlier on March 1, another PIA cabin crew member went missing in Canada, the national airline spokesman confirmed to Ary News.

The flight steward was identified as Jibran Baloch.

He was supposed to come back to PIA flight PK-782 in Toronto on February 29.

He did not turn up for work on the flight back to Pakistan.

Another female air hostess, who was identified as Maryam Raza, also went missing from a Canadian hotel.

After she went missing, authorities searched her hotel room and her uniform was recovered with a message that read: “Thank you, PIA.”