Over 200 Canadians have Monkeypox infection which causes long-lasting painful symptoms

Image: Monkeypox. Image credit: CDC

Toronto/CMEDIA: Monkeypox (MPXV) virus known for long-lasting, painful symptoms has infected more than 200 Canadians as a result of a global outbreak that began in May.

As of June 22, MPXV cases in Canada are 210.

More financial and housing support for weeks is being called for by Physicians, advocates, and health officials to handle this emerging public health emergency to ensure people can quarantine safely.

Scientists reportedly said that the world had ignored Monkeypox warnings which have led the world to brace for more outbreaks:

According to the current federal guidance for MPXV, public health authorities are required to isolate patients until they’re no longer contagious, which can take weeks, even a month or more in some cases.

At times, the MPXV infection reportedly can become deadly, especially among high-risk groups like young children or pregnant women.

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