Over 100 people briefly stranded in Agatha Christie’s residence were later released

Agatha Christie. Image credit: Wikimedia commons


IBNS: More than 100 people were trapped in the house of former popular British mystery writer Agatha Christie in the English countryside on Friday, media reports said.

In a series of events which could have been lifted straight out of the pages of one of Christie’s mystery novels, the group of tourists were left stranded after stormy weather knocked down a tree, blocking the road leading down to the property in the county of Devon, southwest England, reports CNN.

The incident came to the limelight after Caroline Heaven, a tourist who was visiting Greenway, contacted local news outlet Devon Live to spread the word that roughly 100 tourists were trapped in the grounds of Christie’s former holiday home.

Britain’s National Trust which manages the historic site quickly put a message on its website, announcing that a large tree had fallen on the single-track road leading into Greenway.

A spokesperson for the National Trust told CNN it was aware that there were “visitors, staff and volunteers still at Greenway unable to leave,” adding that the National Trust was “doing everything” to ensure their comfort whilst they waited.

The stranded tourists later left the building after local rescue services managed to reopen the road.