Ontario voters, preoccupied with inflation, cost of living are uncertain about their choices

Ontario Polling. Image credit: Twitter handle of Canada Polling

Ottawa/CMEDIA: As a general election campaign in Ontario enters its final week, Ontarians themselves are preoccupied with their critical issue, costs of living, for which no major party leader has provided an enthusiastic endorsement of the electorate.

A non-profit Institute, Angus Reid’s latest data reveals that while nearly two-thirds of Ontarians find PC Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford unappealing, they don’t care for either New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Andrea Horwath or Liberal leader Steven Del Duca as both these opposition leaders hold either the same or less appeal than the incumbent.

And while Ford remains the top choice for best premier among Ontarians, only 35 percent choose him, with Horwath statistically tied for second place with 21 percent on this measure.

Ontarians have been largely dissatisfied in recent months with a government that appears poised to earn a second mandate against the backdrop of economic anxiety and uncertainty.

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives hold a comfortable lead over the Liberals and the NDP, with 38 percent of the decided vote, as the two main opposition parties battle for supremacy among non-Conservative voters (26% and 24% each). Notably, the PCPO advantage is found among people over the age of 55 – a demographic historically more likely to cast a ballot during the voting period.

And as for the concern of making life more affordable, the Angus Reid data reveals that the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford received 30 percent votes, Ontario New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwarth received 26 percent votes, while 14 percent of votes were given to Ontario Democratic Party Leader, Steven Del Duca, and the Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner received just 4 percent votes.

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