Nova Scotia flood to likely break rainfall records

NS Floods. Image credit: Twitter @pmagn

Windsor/CMEDIA: Saturday morning Following Friday’s severe rainstorm that flooded basements, yards and roadways, thousands of Nova Scotians reportedly remain in the dark

Friday night saw an estimated  30 to 50 millimetres of rain fall over communities from Port Mouton all the way to Fall River.

But much larger rainfall totals were seen in many areas including Bedford, Timberlea and Sackville exceeding 200 millimetres in a matter of just seven hours.

Strong bursts of thunder and lightning accompanying the severe rainfall caused flash flooding along some roadways, leaving cars and first responders alike in dangerous positions.

Reportedly the rainfall totals are likely to break records for a July 21, with the possibility of some areas setting new highs on any day on record in July.

The provincial government in a release Friday night offered guidance for those impacted by flooding conditions incluiding  not crossing flooded areas, avoid rivers and streams. no to return home until it’s safe, get you power checked by a qualified electrician, and disconnecting power before entering a flooded basement