Northwest Territories to achieve average of $10-a-day regulated child care on April 1

Canada Child Care spaces representative image by Zoo Monkey on Unsplash

In collaboration with provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners, the Government of Canada is working to implement child care system down to $10 a day on average for children five years of age and younger by March 2026.

According to a joint announcement today by Jenna Sudds, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and Caitlin Cleveland, the Northwest Territories’ Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, the Northwest Territories will achieve an average of $10-a-day child care fees by April 1, 2024—two years ahead of the national target.

“Reaching an average of $10-a-day child care two years ahead of schedule will mean that child care fees are no longer the obstacle they once were for parents in the Northwest Territories…to achieve other important targets, such as space creation and support to early childhood…high-quality, affordable, flexible and inclusive child care,” Jenna Sudds reported saying.

Through a combination of funding provided under the Canada–Northwest Territories Early Learning and Child Care Agreement as well as territorial funding, the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories are working together to ensure that Northwest Territories families can access licensed child care for an average of $10 a day, thereby saving up to $9,120 a year for each child in licensed child care.

All provinces and territories have already seen significant reductions in child care fees, with over half now offering regulated child care for an average of $10 a day or less.

As part of the Canada-wide early learning and child care system, the Government of Canada aims to give families affordable child care options, no matter where they live. This includes creating 300 new child care spaces in the Northwest Territories by creating approximately 250,000 new child care spaces across the country by March 2026.