Netizens not happy with Ranbir Kapoor after Alia Bhatt says he asks her to wipe off lipstick

Ranbir-Alia. Ranbir Kapoor (L) and Alia Bhatt (R) | Image Credit: Instagram/Alia Bhatt


Mumbai/IBNS: Netizens are once again not happy with Ranbir Kapoor after actress Alia Bhatt revealed her husband insists her on wiping off lipstick.

In a video session with Vogue India, Alia was seen describing how she puts her lipstick on her lips.

In the meantime, Alia says she wipes her lipstick even after putting it on lips to give it a natural look.

Explaining the reason behind it, the leading Bollywood actress said, “Because one thing my husband…when he wasn’t my husband but when he was my boyfriend as well… he would be like ‘wipe that off, wipe that off’ because he loves the natural colour of my lips.”

After Alia’s statement, users took to the comment section to slam Ranbir for his alleged controlling nature.

One user said, ” Adulting is realising find your Vicky Kaushal or Ranveer Singh and run from Ranbir Kapoors.”

Another user said, ” The more I listen about Ranbir Kapoor the more I feel scared for her. If your bf/husband is telling you to wipe your lipstick that the biggest sign for you to run! It is not cute or funny at all! Can not believe the most celebrated actress at this moment of India is going through this.”

A user says, “Ranbir does sound like a toxic husband!”

This is not the first time Ranbir was caught in the midst of netizens’ ire.

Earlier during Alia’s pregnancy, Ranbir had made a comment during the promotions of their film ‘Brahmastra’ prompting the netizens to call him out.

During a live session on their upcoming film Brahmastra’s promotion, the star couple along with the director was seen talking about why they are not yet promoting in the way they do for other movies.

Alia replied, “We will promote the film, and we will be everywhere but if the question you are asking is why we are not phailod (talking about widespread promotion) everywhere, right now our focus is…”

At this moment Ranbir quickly pointed at his wife’s baby bump and said, “well I can say somebody has phailod (referring to Alia gaining weight), and added he meant the comment as a joke.

Alia and filmmaker Ayan Mukerji were seen stunned by the comment.

Later, Ranbir had apologised for his comment and blamed his “bad sense of humour”.