Nagaland couple shuns flower waste for organic veggies

Nagaland. Image credit: Pixaby

Kohima/IBNS: A young Nagaland couple is setting an example for the world as they decided to shun flowers and use green edibles for decorations during their marriage.

Vilakhole Naki, a young Naga woman of the Chakhesang tribe, married Sezokho Rakho on Friday in a sustainability-inspired setting at Kitsubozou Colony in Kohima, East Mojo reported.

“I’ve always been close to the nature and that is why I chose this theme for my wedding. This was an opportunity for me to express my love for nature, especially organic vegetables. And I wanted to avoid flower waste,” Naki told EastMojo.

Naki, who is a Research Associate at SCERT Nagaland, came up with a unique theme ‘Go Green’ for her wedding celebration and made her ‘green-wedding’ dream turn to reality with the assistance of friends and family.

The wedding venue, located inside the Chakhesang Baptist Church in Kohima, was adorned with leafy greens of all kinds. Instead of wreaths made from flowers, fresh vegetables such as curly kale, red kale, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables, edible ferns, herbs and leaves were arranged in bouquets and bunches; and placed around the aisle and pedestal for the bride and groom.

“Vegetables can be beautiful. More people should start using them to decorate venues for events such as this. The bride, groom and guests really appreciated it,” Alice told EastMojo.