More than 20 female artists showcasing paintings inTaliban-ruled Kabul

Taliban. Photo Caption: A woman buying from a shop in Kabul city. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash


IBNS: In a country ruled by Taliban forces and eves being dominated, over 20 female artists exhibited their paintings in Kabul by holding an exhibition.

According to the organizers of this exhibition, the purpose of launching this exhibition is to motivate and show the ability of women, Tolo News reported.

“The work of approximately 20 to 24 girls are exhibited here. We also have another book exhibition at the same time, so visitors can enjoy both the painting exhibition and the book,” Rahila, an organizer, told the news agency.

Some of the women exhibitions want to see the Taliban government’s attention and support for their artistic creations.

  “In Afghanistan, we have many female artists who can’t show their ability, but our message to them is to not give up under any circumstance and participate in such exhibitions and display your art to the world,” Frozan, an artist, told Tolo News.

They also demanded the Taliban government to reopen schools.

Another artist Hussna Aslami said: “We called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for girls.”

Zahra Ahmadi, a visitor, told Tolo News, “Please recognize women. It is not right that men work, and women stay at home. When they said that men and women have equal rights, they should also pay attention to it.”