More Doctors added to Manitoba’s HSC Minor Treatment Clinic to relieve emergency wait

Manitoba's HSC Minor Treatment Clinic. Image credit: X/@AbigailMCND

Winnipeg/CMEDIA: More physician hours are reportedly being added at the minor treatment clinic at Health Sciences Centre (HSC), Winnipeg  by the Manitoba government as a four-week pilot project to help reduce wait times in the hospital’s emergency department, Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Uzoma Asagwara has announced.

“This clinic is located near the emergency department and offers quality care for families and seniors with less acute needs…this initiative will add immediate capacity to the health-care system and help families get care quicker…relieve the pressure on the emergency department and free up space for Manitobans who need it most,” Asagwara  was reported saying in a news  release.

In response to the surge in patient volumes and with the goal of reducing wait times in the emergency department, one more physician would be added to the care teams at the HSC minor treatment clinic for six hours per day, seven days per week for a four-week period by the provincial funding.

“The minor treatment clinic has been a valuable addition to the services offered at Health Sciences Centre and the surrounding community…improving access to appropriate care…in the emergency department,” Dr. Manon Pelletier, chief medical officer, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. was reported saying.