Manitoba man charged with murder of five family members to make court appearance

Carmen Murder. Image credit: X/@moulync

A Manitoba man, Ryan Manoakeesick reportedly accused of killing five family members, including his three young children, is expected to make a court appearance in Winnipeg today.

He has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder of five family members including common-law partner Amanda Clearwater; their three children, Bethany, Jayven and Isabella Manoakeesick; and Clearwater’s teen niece Myah-Lee Gratton.

Their bodies were discovered by the police earlier this month at multiple crime scenes in and around Carman, Man., a town of 3,000 people southwest of Winnipeg.

According to court records, Manoakeesick was previously convicted of mischief in 2019 when he was suffering from underlying mental health issues, and struggled with a methamphetamine addiction.

He also reportedly had anxiety and depression during the sentencing hearing.

The investigation for the murder started earlier this month when RCMP were called to Highway 3 for reports of a hit-and-run.

RCMP had reportedly said that a 30-year-old woman – who was living common-law with the suspect – was found dead along the highway.

Later during the day officers were called to a vehicle on fire on Highway 248 with three children inside the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators originally reported a witness , but have since learned it was the suspect who pulled them out.

The suspect who pulled the kids from the vehicle was arrested at the scene of the fire.

When the police reached Carman for further investigation, another female, family’s 17-year-old niece was found dead and charged Manoakeesick with five counts of first-degree murder.

Following his arrest, he has been remanded in custody.

A Crown lawyer reportedly told a justice of the peace they would be opposing any bail applications.

Mourners gathered this week to remember the victims during funeral services in Carman.