Manitoba job offers being accepted by over 300 Internationally educated health care professionals

Internationally trained health care professionals. Representatioanal image by Francisco Venancio on unsplash

Winnipeg/CMEDIA: More than 300 internationally educated health-care professionals have now accepted job offers in Manitoba communities to allow more patients to access heathcare, Manitoba’s Health Minister Audrey Gordon and Labour and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes jointly announced today in a news release.

After providing letters of interest by Shared Health to 348 candidates who passed interviews in the cities of Manila, Cebu or Iloilo during a recruitment mission to the Philippines in February, more than 300 candidates have now accepted job offers in Manitoba. 

This extremely high success rate reflects effective planning and coordination of this focused recruitment mission, Gordon noted.

After accepting an offer, Gordon noted.that candidates have begun immigration and licensing processes and are expected to expected to begin arriving in Manitoba as early as late this summer with arrivals increasing in fall, after they complete specific requirements in the coming months to allow for employment in Manitoba’s health-care system.

“The desire amongst Filipino health-care workers to live and work in Manitoba remains high…a community where the contributions of health-care workers are valued. We look forward to giving them a warm welcome when they arrive in our province,” said  Reyes. 

Led by the University of Manitoba faculty of nursing, recognized as a leader in this field, work on the development of a virtual clinical competence assessment is in process on expanding access to future rounds of applicants by signing a memorandum of understanding between the faculty and World Citi Colleges, a leading educational institution with locations across the Philippines.

“Candidates have been assessed for skills and experience as well as any existing connections to a Manitoba community before being offered a role in a specific location.”  Monika Warren, chief nursing officer, Shared Health said.

A request for proposals from interested proponents has also been issued by Shared Health to assist in finding safe, affordable permanent or rental housing for incoming staff in communities throughout the province.

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