Liberals, NDP make a confidential deal to keep the Trudeau government in power until 2025

Justin Trudeau. Image credit: Facebook page

Ottawa/CMEDIA: An agreement has been reached between the federal Liberals and the New Democrats to keep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government in power until 2025, subject to progress on longstanding NDP priorities.

Trudeau announced this morning that the deal has been brokered.

“Today, I’m announcing that the Liberal Party has reached an agreement with the New Democratic Party to deliver results for Canadians. Now. This supply and confidence agreement starts today. And will be in place until the end of this Parliament in 2025,” said Trudeau, calling it “not an easy decision,” but one being made for “stability.”

The deal would mean the NDP caucus supports the Liberals in future confidence votes and budgets, in exchange for progress on pharma care and dental care.

Keeping in mind the minority position of the Liberals, this agreement would stabilize the Liberal government allowing Trudeau’s cabinet to continue advancing their priorities without concern of falling on a confidence vote.

Since Liberals were reduced to a minority in 2019, the NDP has often been supporting the government’s initiatives, but that support had never been formalized with the next scheduled vote to happen in October 2025.

Reacting to the news of a potential deal, interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen called the agreement “nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power,” and “backdoor socialism.”

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