Israel’s invasion of Gaza delayed after US request: Reports

Israel-Hamas War.In image trail of destruction in Gaza/ Photo Courtesy: UNI

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IBNS: Israel has agreed to postpone its planned invasion of Gaza in exchange for the United States’ rapid deployment of missile defense systems to protect its forces in the region, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The report noted that Israel is considering the need to provide humanitarian help to civilians in Gaza besides diplomatic efforts to secure the release of prisoners held by Hamas.

The threat to US troops was a major concern, the report noted. 

The report further stated that the US military and other authorities are expecting their forces to be attacked by militant groups as soon as the invasion of Hamas-controlled Palestinian territory begins.

The United States is deploying almost a dozen air defence systems in the region.

The US has urged Israel to postpone a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, and is providing Qatar, a key intermediary between the Palestinian militants and the Israeli government, with information about the negotiations in order to facilitate the release of additional hostages and to prepare for a potential broader regional conflict, according to Reuters.