Halifax Regional Municipality declares state of emergency due to raging forest fire, power outage

Forest Fire. Representational image by Egor Vikhrev on unsplash

Nova Scotia: Forest fire raging near Halifax reportedly has led to declaration of a local state of emergency by the Halifax Regional Municipality in the communities affected by a massive wildfire causing thousands being evacuated, school closures and power outages

In a news release issued Sunday night, the municipality said the state of emergency would last seven days, unless otherwise lifted or extended.

“Effective 11 p.m. tonight, Mayor Mike Savage and Regional Council have declared a local state of emergency in the communities affected by the fires…will be in effect for seven days, unless otherwise lifted or extended…Emergency responders are working around the clock to keep people safe…Residents are urged to follow the directives of emergency responders,” said the news release.

The municipality reported saying that declaring a state of emergency under the Emergency Management Act gives the municipality “a higher level of intergovernmental co-ordination, access to emergency discretionary funds [and] the ability to mobilize additional supports, organizations and businesses to support evacuated residents.”

In the face of a fast-moving wildfire, residents of several subdivisions in the Upper Tantallon/Hammonds Plains area have been ordered by Nova Scotia RCMP to leave their homes.

The first to begin an evacuation as the fire consumed at least 10 homes was the Westwood Hills subdivision in Upper Tantallon, N.S..

Rob Hebb, Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency District Chief was reported saying that dozens of crews were at the site attempting to control the fire. 

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