Golden Group of Seniors Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Celebrates 2023 Annual Function

Golden Group Seniors

Scarborough/CMEDIA: Under the leadership of Shakuntala Ji, President of the Golden Group of Seniors Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, and organized by the Directors of the Golden Group, 2023 Annual Function was celebrated last week at 1 Morningview Trail, Scarborough, ON M1B 5A8 .

Focal point of the show was Beautifully Decorated Stage. There were a lot of people who helped make this event successful such as Setting up the stage. Music System, Setting up the Chairs and the most important thing buying the Snacks and distributing them.

I, Shakuntla Varma, as the President of the Golden Group, extends gratitude to all my Directors and people who came forward to help.

Following Shakuntala Ji’s greetings to the audience, the Annual Day celebration started at about 3 pm with prayers.

The next event was a play with its main theme of a joint family showcasing the struggles of the modern day young busy generations adjusting to their parents in law by taking them for granted.

Mr. and Mrs. Indu Paliwal acted in this play as parents and Tarun Vasudeva and his wife Veena Vasudeva act as son and daughter in law.

The following play of three parts was produced by Shakuntla ji and scripted by Indu Paliwal Ji.

The struggle between the parents and the children reached a culminating point when the children threatened a separation. At this point Shakuntala Ji enters as a broker who with her wise suggestions brings a turning point in the lives of the family and the play ends with a happy note.

The audience were then captivated by the fascinating dance performance of Suman Mohindra.

Apart from this dance performance, Suman Mohindra also acted as a daughter in law in a comedy show of Sas-Bahu Play which was produced and directed by Indu Paliwal ji.

In this comedy and hilarious show, Mrs Paliwal once more performs the role of a mother-in-law. 

Next event was a again a comedy show performed by Sarojini Ji, Raj Kashyap Ji, Shakuntala Ji and other board members as follows:

Next event was the recitaion of a poem by Raj Kashyap Ji

Raj Ji reciting her poem

Other highlight of the event was the announcement of the life-time achievement award for selfless service to the Late president of the Golden Group of the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Scarborough, Vijay Bhatija Ji.

Following Shakuntala Ji’s descriptive and heart-felt speech of tribute to Late Bhatija Ji, the awards were presented jointly by Ashwani Bhardwaj Ji, the president of the temple, and Shakuntala Ji to Late Vijay’s son, Vikram Bhatija.

Yet another highlight of the event was giving honor to Mataji Bimal Kanta Grotra. She is the mother of
Naval Grotra , the past president of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.

The whole family attends Golden Group meetings every month and supported us in every way. Anita Grotra always decorates the stage for us for every occasion. Golden Group is very thankful to the entire family. Lately Mata Ji has not been feeling well. Giving her Life Time Achievement Award was just a token of appreciation from the Golden Group of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.

Last and not the least fascinating event was the Dandia Dance. I am thankful to Sonal Shah for getting the group ready in such a short time.

The board members who worked tirelessly for this event were then honored.

Board members and participants being honored

One cannot overlook the usual Raffle draw held at all the annual function events.

The event concluded at 6pm with distribution of snacks to all the spectators and the participants of this event.

(Reporting by Asha Bajaj)