‘Fotema’ reveals how religious politics is damaging to people’s lives, relationships: Rahul Banerjee

Fotema. Image Credit: IBNS File

By Souvik Ghosh


Kolkata/IBNS: Religious politics is detrimental to people’s lives and relationships, says Bengali actor Rahul Banerjee speaking on the subject of his upcoming film ‘Fotema’.

‘Fotema’, which is directed by Atiul Islam, is a social drama dealing with the burning issue of communal harmony.

The trailer of the film was launched recently at a city mall.

Speaking of the film, Rahul said, “The film is very relevant in the present society. ‘Fotema’ has shown how religious politics destroys people’s lives when it enters into society. Religious politics can turn any relationship ugly. This forms the crux of the film.”

Rahul shared screen space with debutant Moon, who is the other lead.

Fotema, played by Moon, dreams of higher studies and career despite economic constraints. She suffers due to poor economic conditions after her mother’s death and illness of father who is bedridden.

Fotema comes across a Brahmin priest, named Sadhon Thakur (played by Rahul), who shelters the former after the death of her father.

Though Sadhon Thakur has no religious superstitions, his decision did not go down well with the locals and eventually the priest and Moon were cornered.

“My character is all white. It’s very transparent,” said Rahul.

The film is slated for a July 28 release.