First Person: Among the happy, hospitable and artistic Uzbek people


By Abdujabbar Khatri


IBNS-CMEDIA: I have heard many times about Uzbekistan. I took Indian silk fabrics to the international craft festival held in Kokand recently.

I was happy to see that there are women in Uzbekistan who not only respect Indian movies, actors and actresses, but also wear our national sarees with interest and envy.

Silk production has also developed widely in Uzbekistan. The colors of the Uzbek national fabric are harmonious with each other. The  main thing is that they are natural and do not fail to amaze the viewer. The steps, historical monuments, and artifacts of this country talk about its long and rich past.

At this point, I should mention the hospitality and open-mindness of the people of Uzbekistan. That’s what surprised and excited me. No matter where we went, they put their hands on their chests, hold a cup of hot tea, and invite us to their home.

Their tables are always full, and they serve fresh-cut bread from the oven, fresh fruits raised in the country garden. And the smile on their faces  reflects their satisfaction with their lives.

I learned many things from Uzbek craftsmen, exchanged experiences, and made friends. I learned that they respect the traditions and national values passed down from generations to generations.

In particular, they pass on the art of weaving silk fabrics to their children and grandchildren. I am very happy to be in the company of such kind people.

(The writer is an Indian craftsman)