Cost of government is driving up cost of living: Pierre Poilievre

Representative image of Canada's food prices soar: Pixaby

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Monday reportedly in his first speech to caucus since winning the party’s top job, that his focus will be on holding the government to account for its failings on the economy and inflation.

Poilievre said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the governing Liberals are out of touch with the struggles of working people.

Coming from humble origins as the son of a single mother and the adoptive son of two school teachers, he said that he can sympathize with the plight of Canadians struggling to get by.

Statistics Canada reported last month that the consumer price index rose 7.6 percent in July over a year earlier.

During his campaign for leadership, he was reported saying that Canadians are hurting and it is our job to transform that hurt into hope and called on Trudeau to stop increases to payroll taxes like Employment Insurance (EI) premiums and contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

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