China has no plans to surpass or unseat US: Xi Jinping to Joe Biden

China-US. Photo courtesy: UNI

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Beijing/IBNS: China has no plans to surpass or unseat the United States, Chinese President Xi Jinping told a meeting with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday in San Francisco.

“China has no plans to surpass or unseat the US, nor should the US plan to suppress or contain China,” China Central Television quoted Xi as telling the meeting.

Xi also said China is not planning to follow the “old path of colonial looting,” as well as to follow the false path of the principle of “a strong country must necessarily be a usurper,” and will not export ideology and engage in ideological confrontation with any country.

“I am convinced that once opened, the door of China-U.S. relations cannot be shut again. Once started, the cause of China-U.S. friendship cannot be derailed halfway. 

The tree of our peoples’ friendship has grown tall and strong; and it can surely withstand the assault of any wind or storm,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry quoted Xi as saying at a welcome dinner by friendly organizations in the US.

The Chinese leader also noted that Beijing gladly observes the US’ growing development and prosperity and that the future of the US-Chinese relationship lies with their people, especially their youth, and that is why the countries must boost ties and exchanges between their nations.

“China never bets against the United States, and never interferes in its internal affairs […] Likewise, the United States should not bet against China, or interfere in China’s internal affairs. It should instead welcome a peaceful, stable and prosperous China,” Xi said.

Xi and Biden held their meeting at the historic Filola estate in northern California on the sidelines of the leaders’ summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation taking place in San Francisco this week.