Changes in ServiceOntario facilitates easier access to get driver’s licences, health cards

ServiceOntario twitter page of ServiceOntario

New changes to ServiceOntario were reportedly announced by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to facilitate “faster” and “easier” to get driver’s licences and health cards.

The province announced on Wednesday, at 64 of the busiest ServiceOntario locations, customers can now book multiple services in a single appointment or book one appointment for an entire family.

“We’re making it easier for people and businesses to connect with ServiceOntario, putting customers first and saving people time and money,” Ford announced in Brampton on Wednesday morning.

Besides enhancing their virtual services, offering health card renewals through video calls, Ontarians will have an opportunity to identify accessibility needs ahead of an appointment.

In Nov. 2022, ServiceOntario introduced their online appointment booking system to reduce wait times and the risk of COVID-19.

On the updated system, users can book a variety of services from a drop down menu and accomplish them all in one appointment. This revamp is now live on the ServiceOntario website. A calendar icon is placed beside the locations offering the online service.

Ford said a number of new ServiceOntario pilot programs will be rolling out in the coming months.

Soon-to-be married couples would be eligibie to apply for marriage licences online, instead of visiting city hall.

Ford said that by spring, digital dealership registrations will expand to trade-ins and used cars.