Cancellation of House of Commons sitting in Ottawa as police actions on protesters continue

Ottawa Protest. Image Credit: Ottawa Police Twitter


Ottawa/CMEDIA: Canada’s House of Commons sitting in Ottawa to debate the controversial Emergencies Act on Friday and through the weekend to deal with the fourth week of the protest just outside its doors has been canceled, said Anthony Rota, Speaker of House of Commons in a tweet.

In a daylong debate today, the Members of Parliament (MPs) were supposed to discuss the government’s emergency orders that took effect earlier this week, including freezing bank accounts of protest participants, not allowing people from assembling in specific places that threaten trade, critical infrastructure, individuals or property, and to bring to light the illegality to bring children within 500 meters of the blockades and provide supplies or property to participants.

These measures facing a legal challenge from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association were expected to be passed in the House of Commons, with the Liberals and NDP supporting the plan and the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois opposing it.

Government House leader Mark Holland tweeted that he hopes the debate can resume Saturday.

“We are closely monitoring the police operation in downtown Ottawa today and will await further advice from security officials on Parliament Hill on when the House can reopen,” he wrote and added that a final vote on the measures will happen early next week.

Ottawa’s downtown core remains locked down Friday morning, with about 100 checkpoints preventing protesters from entering the zone.

After police arrested two organizers of Chris Barber, 46, and Tamara Lich, 49 of Freedom Convoy Thursday night, both will have court appearances Friday.

Demonstrators have refused to budge with fires under their tents set up near the vehicles to stay warm. despite police warnings to leave or risk arrest and other tough sanctions

Ottawa’s downtown had been covered by the establishment of about 100 checkpoints by the Police to keep out anyone intent on joining the protest this weekend.