Canada’s new fuel regulations to make gasoline more expensive

Canada inflation. Image credit: Pixaby

Toronto/CMEDIA: New federal regulations coming in about three weeks will reportedly begin levying surcharges on the most polluting fuels and make gasoline more expensive.

In a bid to rein in transportation emissions, federal Conservatives and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have been calling these Clean Fuel Regulations “carbon tax 2.0” or “the second carbon tax.”

Canada is being urged by the Premiers in Atlantic Canada to either postpone these new regulations or reverse them.

This week, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joined their campaign.

Starting July 1, a new regime will replace federal regulations requiring a minimum percentage of biofuels in gasoline and diesel.

With the goal to push companies to gradually reduce the emissions intensity the news rules would start covering the entire life cycle of fuels, from production and transport to consumption and setting a ceiling and dropping it each year.

The new rules will require a cut of 15 percent in emissions intensity by 2030, compared to 2016 levels.

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