Canada’s Immigration min Miller announces new rules to curb international student fraud schemes

Marc Miller. Image credit: @MarcMillerVM

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Ottawa: Acceptance letters to international students issued by all the Colleges and universities will reportedly have to be confirmed with the federal immigration department as Canada moves to crack down on fraud.

Following an investigation this summer into more than 100 cases involving fake admission letters, new rules were announced Friday by Immigration Minister Marc Miller.

A task force launched in June by the department of Immigration and Refugees to investigate a scheme that dates back to 2017 revealed that some immigration agents issue fake acceptance letters to get international students into Canada.

Roughly 40 percent of the 103 cases reviewed so far appeared to be in on the scheme, while the rest were victims of it.

“The use of fraudulent admissions letters has been a major concern for my department this year and continues to pose a serious threat to the integrity of our student program…Our goal here is to punish the bad actors to make sure that they are held accountable, and reward the good actors who provide adequate outcomes for the success of international students,” Miller said at a press conference at Sheraton College in Brampton, Ont. Friday.