Canada Security Intelligence Service says China is recruiting Canadians on LinkedIn to spy for Beijing

Canada. Representational image by Tom Carnegie on Unsplash

Ottawa/IBNS: The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has warned Canadians are being unwittingly recruited online by Chinese intelligence officers to spy for Beijing.

The CSIS posted a statement on Twitter to alert people.

The latest allegations by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) come as the country continues to grapple with numerous reports of Chinese interference in its domestic affairs – claims that Beijing has repeatedly and forcefully denied, South China Morning Post reported.

China’s foreign affairs ministry has not responded to an inquiry by the South China Morning Post.

” The People’s Republic of China’s Intelligence Services (PRCIS) are targeting Canadian citizens inside & outside of China,” CSIS Canada tweeted.

” The PRCIS then approaches their target under cover via LinkedIn, posing as anything from an HR recruiter to a security consultants,” tweeted the body. “They then move the communication to secondary platforms at the earliest opportunity, such as WeChat, WhatsApp or email,” read the tweet.

CSIS tweeted: ” Don’t become a target of PRCIS recruitment. Be careful who you connect with on LinkedIn, and all other online platforms.”

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