Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s plane breaks down in Jamaica, second time since G20 summit in India

Justin Trudeau. Image Credit: Facebook/ Justin Trudeau

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Ottawa/IBNS: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a minor setback during his recent visit to the Caribbean owing to an aircraft glitch that prompted the country’s armed forces to send a second plane with a repair team to address the snag.

This is the second such incident in recent memory, after the delay Trudeau faced during departure from India during the G20 Summit in September last year.

This time Trudeau was on a way for a family holiday and found himself facing a similar predicament in Jamaica.

“We can confirm two Royal Canadian Air Force CC-144 Challengers were in Jamaica supporting transport for the prime minister,” a spokesperson for Canada’s defence department said, as quoted by news agency Reuters.

The issue occurred on Jan 2 and swift action was taken, with the second plane carrying a maintenance team arriving on the scene a day later to rectify the problem with the original aircraft.

Despite the unexpected hiccup, Trudeau managed to adhere to his original travel schedule, returning on Jan 4 without further delays.

Both planes involved in this incident were identified as CC-144 Challenger aircraft, relatively recent acquisitions by the Canadian Armed Forces.

In September last year, his departure from Delhi after the G20 Summit was delayed due to an unspecified mechanical glitch.

In 2019, amid his re-election campaign, a collision between a bus carrying journalists and an aircraft chartered by Trudeau’s Liberal party created a chaotic scenario.