Canada launches a new pathway to permanent residency for Ukrainians with family in Canada

permanent residency for Ukrainians. Image credit Twitter @CathyCalder6

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CMEDIA: A new pathway to permanent residency is reportedly being launched by Canada for Ukrainians who fled Russia’s invasion to stay in Canada with their families.

Allowing Ukrainian nationals with temporary resident status this program would facilitate applying for permanent residency at no cost starting on Oct. 23, 2023.

This is an effort to provide long-term support to Ukrainians and “families separated by this conflict,” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said in a news release on Saturday.

“As we continue to witness the devastating impact of Putin’s illegal invasion…We continue to extend unwavering support and a lifeline to families separated by this conflict…help Ukrainian families stay together as they rebuild their lives in their new communities in Canada…help Ukrainians find a safe haven and provide them with the assistance they need,” said Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in a news release.

To qualify for this program a person must be a temporary resident and have one or more family members in Canada with either citizenship or a permanent residence status.

Saturday’s announcement was in response to the government’s officially closing applications for the temporary emergency visas offered to Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression.

Launched in March of last year, the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) provided temporary refuge to more than 166,000 Ukrainians with visas allowing Ukrainians to work, study, and access settlement services such as language training and employment services for three years.

Ukrainians already in Canada and holding a CUAET visa have until March 31, 2024 to extend or change their temporary status in the country.

This new program will only be open for a year until Oct. 22, 2024.

More information would be provided by the  federal government closer to the launch of the program in October.