Bonbibi is honestly a love story which shows women empowerment: Parno Mittrah

Bonbibi. Photo courtesy: Instagram/Parno Mittrah

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Actress Parno Mittrah plays a ‘tiger widow’ from Sundarbans in Rajdeep Ghosh’s Bonbibi, which released on big screens on March 8. IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh speaks to Parno on the film, women empowerment and more…

Q. You have portrayed roles of rural women multiple times on screen. How different was this exploration?

A. Bonbibi was the last film where I played the role of a rural woman. After this film, I had started complaining (laughs). But Resham’s character (in Bonbibi) is very unique. I found it very interesting. First of all, she is a ‘tiger widow’. Moreover, she has tried to develop herself with education. At some point, I found it interesting because there is rarely a film made on tiger widows and their journey. I was very excited to play this role.

Q. What were the new facets of women empowerment shown in Bonbibi?

A. This is honestly a love story which shows women empowerment. A typical mindset towards women marrying a man younger than her or much older exists in our society. This has been explored. The way the tiger widows overcome social norms and boundaries has been shown. It’s a very entertaining film.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/Parno MittrahPhoto courtesy: Instagram/Parno Mittrah

Q. How different was Resham from Parno?

A. Every woman’s struggle is distinct. It varies from person to person. The problems which I face are different from the ones Resham does. But the emotions are similar. Human beings can go through different situations but emotions are always similar across the regions.

Q. How was the shooting experience in Sundarbans?

A. I loved it but it was challenging as well because it’s an island devoid of any luxury. Boats were the mode of survival there. So it was a bit difficult to work in that scenario for long hours but pulled it off with all my maturity and experience. Though I felt irritated often, now I realise Bonbibi made me stronger for the next performances.

Q. How difficult was picking up the dialect of Sundarbans?

A. It was not very difficult since I have had the experience of speaking in different dialects in the past for films. But I was trained for Bonbibi. I had to practice speaking English with proper pauses. We all did a workshop for a month.

Q. Does Jahangir’s character in Bonbibi remotely resemble now arrested politician Shahjahan in Sandeshkhali, a burning issue in the current state politics?

A. The storyline is a bit different from what has happened in Sandeshkhali. I have no words to describe the ordeals of women in Sandeshkhali. In Bonbibi, Jahangir has shades of virtue and vice unlike Shahjahan. Whatever has happened in Sandeshkhali is disgusting.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/Parno MittrahPhoto courtesy: Instagram/Parno Mittrah

Q. How was the screening experience in Sundarbans?

A. It was great. It was a different experience because we actors are used to screenings in cities. The guests always shower love on the film while much of the reactions seem to be fake. But the reactions in Sundarbans were much more organic. People watched the film and they loved it. The experience of watching a film with the audience is unique and surreal.

Q. You are not in active politics but still associated with BJP. Did you get any hint from the party to contest the elections?

A. Like in 2021, I have no clue even this time whether I would be asked to contest or not. (laughs). They (BJP) decide on their own. I have never been interested in running for elections and still don’t. So it does not matter. I am in the party for other reasons and not for contesting elections.