Bodies of 6th and 7th victims found by police inside site of Old Montreal fire

Representative image of Old Montreal Building Fire on Unsplash by Dave Hoefler

Montreal/CMEDIA: The sixth and seventh bodies have been found inside a building in Old Montreal that burned down 11 days ago, said the police.

A news conference was held Monday afternoon by Insp. David Shane and Montreal fire operations chief Martin Guilbault to provide an update on their investigation into the deadly fire.

After crews retrieved the body of a fifth victim on Saturday, the police said that there were still two people missing. With the death toll now at seven, police do not expect to find any more victims.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Some of the victims had rented units on the Airbnb platform’s building, which was prohibited by a city bylaw from allowing hosts to rent short-term rentals in the area.

Since then an announcement has been made by the Airbnb to remove all listings in Quebec from its platform that don’t have a permit from the province.

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