Australia’s western coast sees a mysterious object wash ashore, locals speculate it is space junk

Space Junk. Image credit: Twitter @AusSpaceAgency


IBNS: A mysterious object has washed ashore on Australia’s western coast, causing local residents to speculate about its origin.

Many local residents are assuming that the object might be space junk.

Since it has turned up on a beach at Green Head, a coastal town 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Perth, the copper-colored cylinder had drawn in curious local residents eager to catch a glimpse of the unidentified object, reports CNN.

The Western Australia Police Force (WAPF) on Tuesday said it is currently coordinating a joint investigation into the origins of an unidentified item washed up on a remote beach in Western Australia.

“We want to reassure the community that we are actively engaged in a collaborative effort with various State and Federal agencies to determine the object’s origin and nature,” the police said in a statement.

“The investigation is ongoing, and until further information is available, we urge everyone to refrain from drawing conclusions” the police said.
In order to maintain the integrity of the investigation, officers from the Western Australia Police Force are currently guarding the object.

This measure has been taken to ensure the preservation of potential evidence and facilitate further expert examination.
“The object is being treated as hazardous, until the origin of it can be established.  People in the area should keep a safe distance,” read the statement.

The ‘space junk’ theory is assuming significance after the Australian Space Agency tweeted: “We are currently making enquiries related to this object located on a beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia. The object could be from a foreign space launch vehicle and we are liaising with global counterparts who may be able to provide more information.”