Archaeological & Heritage Gallery showcasing ancient Naga history and culture unveiled in Nagaland

Nagaland. Image Credit: Nagaland Post

Kma/Nagaland/IBNS: The State Museum, Directorate Art & Culture, hosted a momentous ceremony to inaugurate the long-awaited Archaeological & Heritage gallery, dedicated to the ancient Nagas, on Wednesday.

K Konngam Konyak, the esteemed adviser of Art & Culture and Treasuries & Accounts, lauded the gallery as a sanctuary for culture and identity, reported Nagaland Post.

He emphasized the importance of making it easily accessible to students, enabling them to delve into the wealth of Nagas’ cultural heritage.

Konyak stressed the need to preserve the unique Naga culture and encouraged individuals to prioritize the upkeep of the gallery, which vividly showcased the richness of Naga heritage.

Providing an enlightening overview of the gallery, Prof Tiatoshi Jamir from the esteemed Department of History and Archaeology at Nagaland University described it as “unique and offering a distinctive lens into the history of Nagas before the advent of major urban settlements.”

Jamir revealed that the gallery housed artifacts from the pre-colonial era of the Nagas, dating as far back as 1000-1500 BC and possibly even reaching 4500 BC.

The gallery also contained evidence of human habitation dating back to a staggering 18,000 BB. Additionally, an informative chart outlining the archaeological sequence of the State was displayed.

Jamir underlined the significance of the exhibits, highlighting that they were primarily excavated or donated by locals and village councils rather than acquired through other means.

He emphasized that the display of these objects should be seen as a means of interacting with the past, enabling visitors to connect with the history they represented.

Furthermore, Jamir mentioned that research scholars were collaborating on ancient DNA studies to explore the possible connections between the remains and the modern Nagas.

During the welcoming address, Athel O Lotha, the esteemed commissioner & secretary of Art & Culture, underscored the importance of museums as integral institutions for preserving and showcasing historical remains and relics.

She noted that the newly inaugurated gallery presented a diverse array of exhibits primarily sourced from archaeological sites, providing invaluable insights into a time when written records were scarce.