Affiliation of California Gurdwara’s with Khalistan groups raises concerns


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IBNS: In a concerning revelation, the official page of the Stockton Gurdwara in California, a well-known location associated with the Khalistani extremist movement, posted an invitation on June 27th for an event related to Paramjit Singh Nijjar and the symbol of Khanda.

What makes this event particularly alarming is that it featured the logos of two proscribed terrorist groups, the Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) and the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF), alongside the names of Nijjar and Khanda.

Avtar Singh Khanda was himself a known operative of the Khalistan Liberation Force.

The Stockton Gurdwara also made headlines last year when it became the site of a tragic shootout. In this unfortunate incident, three individuals were injured.

The use of these logos as affiliations for the event raises serious questions and eyebrows alike. It is important to note that both the KCF and KTF have been designated as terrorist organizations by several countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and India, due to their involvement in violent activities aimed at promoting the extremist Khalistan agenda.

The use of these terror group logos in association with an event organized by a Gurdwara, a place of worship for Sikhs, is not only shocking but also deeply troubling. Gurdwaras are meant to be places of spiritual solace and community, promoting values of peace, unity, and harmony. Associating with organizations that have resorted to violence undermines the very principles that Sikhism and Gurdwaras stand for.

Gurdwaras in the United States, like many other religious institutions, typically enjoy tax-exempt status due to their designation as religious organizations. This status is grounded in the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects the free exercise of religion. Consequently, religious organizations, including Gurdwaras, have the right to own property and are exempt from paying taxes on it, just as churches, mosques, and synagogues are. This tax exemption is essential to the financial sustainability of these religious institutions, allowing them to allocate resources toward serving their communities and fulfilling their religious missions.

However, it is crucial to note that enjoying tax benefits for religious activities does not imply endorsement or support for any form of terrorism or violent ideologies.

Any institution, religious or otherwise, must adhere to the laws and regulations of the country, including those related to promoting violence or supporting banned and proscribed terrorist organizations.

If there are concerns or evidence of such activities occurring within a religious institution like a Gurdwara, it is a matter for law enforcement and relevant authorities to investigate and address.

It is incumbent upon religious organizations to uphold the values of peace, tolerance, and community service that are fundamental to their faiths and to disavow any extremist or violent ideologies that may contradict these principles.

This incident has understandably raised concerns within the Sikh community in California and beyond.

The Sikh community has, for generations, contributed positively to the societies in which they reside, promoting values of equality, justice, and compassion. Such affiliations with proscribed terrorist groups run counter to these values and threaten to tarnish the reputation of the entire community.

It is essential for the authorities to investigate this matter thoroughly and take appropriate actions if any unlawful activities are found to be associated with the Stockton Gurdwara or any individuals involved in organizing the event.

Furthermore, it is crucial for the Sikh community to distance itself from any elements that promote violence and extremism, ensuring that the principles of peace and justice continue to be at the forefront of their endeavors.

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