A surge in violence in Toronto causes Toronto police to deploy dozens of officers to patrol TTC

Toronto Police Service. Image credit: City of Toronto Website

Toronto/CMEDIA: A recent surge of violent incidents on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has prompted police to increase the “daily presence” of officers within the city’s transit system effective Thursday, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw was reported to say.

Every day throughout the transit system, said Demkiw, more than 80 police officers will be in place, in an effort to enhance public safety and prevent “crimes of opportunity.”

“Our officers will be on, in and around our transit system across the city.”

At a media availability that started shortly after 1:30 p.m., the public is being addressed by John Tory, Toronto Police Chief Demkiw, Deputy Chief Lauren Pogue, and TTC CEO Rick Leary.

It’s unclear how much this plan will cost.

Leary said the TTC will also be adding more special constables and uniform employees to the system, as well as adding to and improving security camera systems.

In response to the violence, a summit was called for by Tory for mayors, ministers, premiers and the prime minister to discuss how better to support people living with mental health and addiction challenges.

In light of the recent incidents, officers have been encouraged to engage with passengers and TTC operators when they are on duty and provide a visible policing presence in transit, Toronto police said.

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