A severe storm hit eastern Canadian provinces with a massive blackout, killing four

Canada Storms. Image Credit and Caption: Image tweeted by @lara_greenlees

Montreal/ A severe storm battered the eastern Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec on Saturday killing four people and leaving nearly 900,000 homes without power.

Ontario Police on Twitter informed that three people died and several more were injured due to a strong summer thunderstorm.

According to reports, one man was killed when a tree fell on the trailer he was staying in.

A woman in her seventies was also crushed by a tree while walking in the storm.

In Ottawa, another person was killed by the storm, but local police declined to give further details.

The fourth victim was a woman in her fifties who drowned when her boat capsized in the Ottawa River.

Nearly 900,000 homes in the two provinces were reported to be without power Saturday night.