A new poll finds King Charles III is unpopular among Canadians, 60% do not perceive him as King

King Charles III Image credit Twitter Royal family

Ottawa/CMEDIA: With the formal coronation of King Charles on May 6 less than two weeks away, a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute reportedly suggests Canada’s new monarch could have a tough road ahead when it comes to winning over Canadians with the support for his wife, Camilla, appears even lesser.

The number of Canadians reportedly looking forward to watching the May 6 event of King Charles’ coronation is small compared to the last coronation which Canadians watched was when Charles’s mother, Elizabeth II, was crowned 70 years ago in 1953.

Approximately 60 percent respondents, says the new poll oppose even recognizing Charles as King with only 28 percent reported they have a favourable view of Charles, while nearly 48 percent say they do not.

As far as Charles’s wife is concerned, Canadians have an unfavorable views on her.

Following the death last September of Queen Elizabeth, there had been debates about what Camilla would be called with Charles becoming King although the late Queen endorsed her with the title Queen Consor.

But when Buckingham Palace sent her the invitations to the May coronation, she was just Queen Camilla.

Two-thirds, about 66 percent of respondents to the Angus Reid Institute survey said they do not cognize Camilla as Queen of Canada. with a majority of 60 percent feel she should not be referred to as “Queen.” With only 21 percent thinking she should be titled as Queen, only 19 percent said she should be referred to as Queen Consort. 

Overall support for the monarchy in Canada has been on the decline with lowest in Quebec. 

More than half of respondents (52 percent) to this latest poll, were not in favour of Canada to continue as a constitutional monarchy for generations to come.

Of these 52 percent responders, the vast majority (88 percent) said they’d be fine with opening the constitution to break the ties.

66 percent of respondents in Quebec, are against Canada remaining a constitutional monarchy.

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