Ahead of tabling the provincial budget, Ontario Premier Doug Ford demanded billions of dollars worth of investments through a letter to Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week. 

As both federal and provincial governments work towards their 2024 budgets, with Ontario set to table its budget on March 26, and the federal government scheduled for April 16,

In the six-page letter Ford addressed to Trudeau on March 14, and shared by the Premier’s Office, Doug had asked for additional priorities hoping for either a financial commitment or a legislative change.

These priorities included more than $6 billion funding for infrastructure, specifically roads, highways and public transportation projects.

“We are asking the federal government to commit at least half of the capital cost of expanding this important transit line, which will serve millions of people in Peel and Halton regions…to respect its commitment to being a true partner by funding 40 per cent of the capital costs…four priority subway projects included in our 2021 agreement…It is only fair that you help fund these new pressures,” the premier was reported to write.

Ford also wanted that he should be allowed with its flagship Highway 413 project to go forward without the need for environmental assessments and added that until the province receives this certainty, Ontario will continue its ongoing legal challenge.

In yet another call, the Ford government wanted the courts to declare the Impact Assessment Act to be void.

Ford also urged the federal government to either cancel or put a hold on the carbon tax ahead of a planned increase, failing which Trudeau could get annihilated in the next election.

Besides eliminating the carbon tax, Ford also asked the federal government to eliminate tax on all home heating fuels.

“At the very least, the federal government should use its upcoming budget to pause the looming increase to its carbon tax, which will bring the total cost of the carbon tax to 17.6 cents per litre of gas.” Ford said

Other demands of Ford included matching Ontario’s $1 billion commitment to building roads to the Ring of Fire region, clarify the eligibility criteria of Ontario projects for the federal clean energy investment tax credits, provision of funds for “critical infrastructure priorities” to help the province build more homes.